[video] 專訪12月個展藝術家: 嚴惠蕙

Interview of December Artist of Front-Side Gallery –

Exhbition opening: Dec 9 2012, sunday opening 3:00pm-4:30pm

Exhibition period: 9th-31st December 2012









正/側畫廊的成立,讓藝術家可以自由自在地發表作品,希望實踐以藝術與廣大的本土人士溝通,期望獲得她/他們以收藏藝術品作支持藝術的發展和研究,一同建構本土藝術,及文化交流的工作。 正/側畫廊鼓勵藝術的獨立自主發展,沒有前設的想像,也不會受地方、環境、大小、性別等的限制;策展團隊以彼此學習、互相幫助、與不同人士合作等態度,使藝術有持續的發展。 正/側畫廊更以 Easy to Take Home 的口號去鼓勵,特別是本土市民購買及收藏作品,以發掘/了解/栽培本土文化的承傳發展。



About YIM, Wai Wai:


YIM, Wai Wai merges the idea of science and art to form a surrealistic territory and arouses the audience to think about the condition of our contemporary world. Wai Wai’s delicate techniques exposes to us a cruel realistic world though she is exploring on the greatest possibilities of clay in her work.


About Front/Side Gallery:


The gallery aims to connect local communities and art together to support on gallery’s development and researches by collecting our artworks, thus they are working with us to build up local art field and to strengthen cultural exchange. The gallery promotes an independent art development, without assumption, without restrictions of environment, context, size and gender, etc. Our curatorial team is humble to learn, helpful and willing to cope with others in order to keep a sustainable growth on art. Not only a professional development on artworks, but the gallery also boosts ‘Easy to Take Home’ as our slogan to encourage the collection of artworks from local public. Supporters can buy outstanding artworks from local artists for collection or present or supporting, in order to explore, understand and cultivate the inheritance of local art and culture.

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