[video] 專訪復原模式──鄧凝梅與黎慧儀的藝術對話



“Recovery Mode—A dialogue on art between Tang Ying-mui, Grace and Lai Wai-yi, Monti” is an exhibition not just showing works of the two artists but also curated by the artists themselves in a co-operative manner. Tang and Lai observe and discuss each other’s artworks, and by co-curating, pursue a more open form of art making.

According to Oscar Ho, an experienced curator in Hong Kong, a curator helps bring art to the public. He/she is not only an administrator of exhibitions, but also someone to define culture. Apart from making their own art works, Lai and Tang also explore other functions of curator in this exhibition, offering the audience another angle of interpretation for the works/exhibition. It is hoped that by giving the audience the freedom to participate, they will actively turn the exhibition into a dialogue and become collaborators on art.

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