[video] Hong Kong Kaleidoscope / Artist Lie Fhung Interview

Exhibition Period :Dec 7 – 14, 2013
Venue                      :Dominion Garden, Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai

http://www.hkinstayay.org/hkiy_veryhk2013.html Hong Kong Kaleidoscope /


Details :

To Know is To Love
There are plenty of hidden beauties in the many layers of Hong Kong’s unique and rich culture throughout the years; bits from the past, the present and the future seem to converge. Many are receding away, either simply eaten away by time, or forcefully torn down to make space for the new.


We can’t stop time. What we can do is to pay attention and appreciate what we have now – look after them well and try to preserve them in some form or others for our children’s children. One way of doing this is by taking photographs and share them with others in our community.

We are Hong Kong InstaYay, a bunch of people who love to explore Hong Kong through organised photo-walks; taking photos and posting them to Instagram. These photo-walks have sharpened our observation skill, we began to notice and to see things with different eyes. We found treasures everywhere. We learned more about Hong Kong, its nooks and crannies, its unique history and its multiple-personalities. With appreciation, our love for Hong Kong grew deeper.

Now we would like to share what we have seen with others through a 2-section photo exhibition as part of the Very Hong Kong Festival. We call it: HONG KONG kaleidoscope.

HONG KONG kaleidoscope aims to show the many unique facets of Hong Kong, old and new, from the eyes of a very diverse group: we come from various countries, various parts of Hong Kong, various races, backgrounds and occupations. What unites us is our love for photo- taking, instagraming and exploring Hong Kong, our home.

We hope this exhibition could help in cultivating and increasing our appreciation of Hong Kong and its people.

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