腦作大業 Headstorm Industry


由2010年初香港移動電台 MobileRadio 的一個文化藝術網台節目開始(www.mobileradio.hk),到2011年10月我們獨立出來建立自己的網站,腦作大業已經收錄了近一百集的節目, 最高收聽率之集數錄得超過10,000收聽人次,累計點擊率更超過20萬人。一個藝術設計頻道,空氣中的聲音,和你一起分享。

節目主持Claire Wong, Hermia Ng 和 John Wong分別來自設計、多媒體及藝術界別,誠意為聽眾提供多元化的文化知識及體驗。


Headstorm Industry is a popular podcast in Hong Kong exploring different perspective from different angles and levels. We aim at giving impetus to Hong Kong art, design and local culture. Programmes include exhibition sharing , field interviews, artist interviews, etc.

Started as an art and culture podcast programme under MobileRadio in 2010, we have now become independent and established our own website from Oct 2011 onwards, with over 100 episodes published. Our highest hit rate for our episode is over 10,000 and the accumulated hit rate is over 200,000. Through this channel, we share with you everything about art and culture on air.

Our three hosts Claire Wong, Hermia Ng and John Wong come from different backgrounds, ranging from design, multimedia and arts. We sincerely provide our audience with a wide range of cultural knowledge and experience.


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